101st Airborne Division,
Charlie Company,1st Battalion,
502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment

The paratrooper uniform is very distinct. It was designed with bellow pockets so troops could carry extra items on their person and were held closed by heavy snaps so the items carried could not be torn away when exiting the plane. After much wear and tear on the uniform in the field during training, the uniform was "Modified" by the unit riggers, "Reinforcing" the elbows, knees, and the bottoms of the pockets.

*Numbers on pictures DO NOT Match Numbers On List*

Minimum Uniform & Equipment Requirements

  1. Coat,Parachute Jumper, M1942 (Standard or Reinforced)
  2. Trousers,Parachute Jumper, M1942 (Standard or Reinforced)
  3. T-Shirt,White
  4. Cap,Garrison, OD Wool with Infantry Piping and Paratrooper Patch
  5. Boots,Jumper Parachute
  6. Tags,Identification,Notched with ball or PX Chain
  7. Belt,Cartridge, OD#3
  8. Combat Suspenders, M1936, OD#3
  9. Pack,Field (Mussette), OD#3
  10. Pouch,First Aid, OD#3
  11. Canteen, Cup and Cover
  12. Entrenching Tool, Shovel and Carrier
  13. Carrier, Entrenching Tool, Shovel M1910
  14. Helmet, M1C With White Heart Unit Markings (See Google for Reference)
  15. Weapon - See "Weapons" Tab for Reference

**Before Purchasing ANY Uniform Items,Equipment or Weapons, Please ask for calification on whether or not it is Correct for a WWII Impression**

Additional Uniform & Equipment Items

  1. M1941 Field Jacket with 502nd Pocket patch and white stencilied name tape
  2. Shirt, Wool, M1937 or M1941
  3. Jacket, Field, M1943
  4. Trousers, Field M1943 (Standard or Reinforced)
  5. Overcoat, Wool, OD
  6. Gloves, Horsehide, Riding, M1938 or M1942
  7. Cap,Knight, Wool, M1941 ("Jeep Cap")
  8. Watch, Wrist, 1940's era or replica
  9. Compass, Wrist with leather or cotton strap
  10. Poncho, Rubberized (No Nood)





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