101st Airborne Division,
Charlie Company,1st Battalion,
502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment

*A FULL Impression Is Not required to Join our Unit or Participate in a Reenactment/Event.*

If you are interested in attending an event in order to see what we are all about or what reenacting is all about, We Welcome you to try that.  Although unit members do have gear, uniforms and rifles to loan to new members, we would recommend that you at least have the basic uniform (Reinforced M1942 Jump Jacket and Trousers, Jump Boots and overseas cap) to start out with.  It is much easier to find loaner gear and/or weapons to lend out than uniforms due to size issues and availability of extra uniforms

 Several of our fellow members have loaner gear that can be loaned out to encourage participation in the event but we may not be able to outfit everyone completely.

Interested in Joining Charlie Company? 

Contact our Unit Commander:

Ronald J. Kapustka



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